Saturday, 13 December, 2008

Manorama Year Book 2009 - A Treasure House of Knowledge

Manorama Year Book 2009
A Treasure House of Knowledge
Ultimate Knowledge Adventure is here.


Sanjeev said...

One of the nice book available in India. I am a regular reader of the same since 1986. Now, new one 2009 edition, I have purchased for my daughter who is studying in class X.

Sanjeev Varshney,

Anonymous said...

fuck off man....we the download link...all of know about the book...thts why we are searchin for an digital version of not ur stupid crap advice....1 more tym FUCK OFF..!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous above
F**K YOU X 1000 times

sh00nya said...

it seems both of you can not even read simple english.nowhere does the blogger write that he is providing a download of the digital is just a post informing that the book has been released.
you already know about it?
the whole web does not exist to cater to the demands of abusive fools like you.

Anonymous said...

i m agree with sh00nya